Setting up SBS 2003 email on a HTC HD2

Hi Experts,

I manage a SBS 2003 server which is currently set up so that users with email compatible phones can connect and download email.

We currently have a mixture of handsets mostly Blackberry and iPhone.  All are working fine and I can normally find my way through setting them up.

However, one of my users has just purchased a HTC HD2 which is a handset I have never seen before I would like me to set up his email for him.  Unfortunately he is 200 miles away and can't send me his phone as he is already using it for calls etc.

Can any experts point me in the right direction of an easy to use setup guide for connecting a HTC to a SBS 2003 running Exchange 2003 SP2.    I have already set up IMAP over SSL on the server so that iPhones can sync and Blackberry users are also able to send/receive email, although they do not sync calendar/contacts etc.

Thanks in advance.

Johnny Yen
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Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Get the user to click on Start> Programs> Activesync (may be different because the HD2 has TouchFlo installed by default (yuck!).
Once in Activesync, Click on Menu, Add Server Source.
Folow the instructions (email address, username, password, domain, servername etc).
Is your SSL certificate a 3rd Party Trusted certificate?  If it is, the phone should work fine - if it is not, you will need to either install the certificate onto the phone, or order a new certificate from a Trusted Root 3rd Party SSL provider so that you don't have to install the certificate on the phone.  Windows Mobile phones are much stricter about SSL Certs that an iPhone.
JonYenAuthor Commented:
Hi Alan,  the SSL certificate was created on the SBS 2003 server if I remember correctly.  It certainly isn't one which was purchased from an ISP if that is what you mean?
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Yes - that is a self-certified certificate and this will need to be installed on the HTC HD2 phone if you want it to work.

Easiest option is to export the certificate to a .cer file via IIS (or a.P7B file), zip up the file, email it to the user, get them to unzipped the file, copy it to their phone via USB cable from their PC and then get them to click on it to install it.

To export via IIS, open up the properties of your default website, click in the security tab, click on View Certificate, click the middle tab on the certificate (I forget it's name), then you should see the copy button below.  Click on that and follow the instructions to export it to a file.
on the d2 - when you setup mail choose 'outlook' as the type of mail which is equivalent to choosing activesync or exchange on other phones.
do a manual setup rather than auto
it will ask for username, password, domain and mail server. and you can tick ssl if you are using it.

I had an additional problem but this was due to a preconfigureation from Telstra which I can find if you have further or similar problems

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