Shadowprotect - doesn't clear exchange logs

SBS2003 Server.
Shadowprotect doesnt clear the exchange logs when backing up, what does everyone do to clear these logs? As I no longer want to use ntbackup.

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aisaudaliteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, yes that's what happens when VSS is in good state, the Exchange VSS Writer is also in a good state and ShadowProtect runs a backup job which includes both database and logs partition(s). I recommend you also enable concurrent task execution in the advanced options of the backup job IF you have different partitions for databases and logs.
Circular logging doesn't impact this disaster recovery scenario because you're not using traditional backups, which rely on transaction logs to prevent data loss.

Hope that helps you out.

please note that by default, the VSS writer for Exchange Server is not active in SBS 2003, meaning that performance and stability issues may arise when performing VSS snapshots.
This is by design, and therefore you should enable it if using ShadowProtect (or any other similar tool) to perform the backups (please check MS link below). The issue you have with the logs not being deleted is almost certainly because of this.
Also let me congratulate on your choice of Backup/DR software ;)

For more info on this issue and how to change this setting, please check:;EN-US;Q838183

Hope that helps!
unrealone1Author Commented:
So to confirm, once I enable vss writer for exchange, the log files will be removed when Shadowprotect runs a backup?
unrealone1Author Commented:
Thank You
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