SBS2003 - Exchange - Enable Circular Logging

I have a backup software in place. Which doesn't delete exchange logs. I dont want to use ntbackup.
I am planning to do this:
"Exchange System Manager to:  ESM>Servers>ServerName>First Storage Group> right-click and choose Properties, and ensure a checkbox is in “Enable circular logging”.  If changed… a restart of the information store (or reboot) is required.  Circular logging will commit and delete log files, with a maximum of 5 logs files on the disk at any given time."

Is this recommended? The emails are download via POP3 Connector, does this accumulate logfiles?
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aisaudaliteConnect With a Mentor Commented:

the log files are transaction logs, similar to any transactional database system. They allow for more reliable database recovery, when using traditional, file based backup solutions.
They are not simple event or debugging logs. Every item that is written or modified on the Information Store(s) will increase the log files size.
I see you've seen the ShadowProtect forum where it recommends you use circular logging, since you're using ShadowProtect Snapshots. It's ok you use that, provided that's what you really want to do (to save space, for instance) and not as a workaround for your issue with the logs. Please check my answer to your other question and my recommendation for it.
Best regards.
Malli BoppeCommented:
You are risking by enabling the circular logging.With your backup software the best you can go back is the previous day and all the emails from the present day are lost if you enable circular logging and you database is corrupted.
What software are using.If can't purge the logs seriously change the backup software.Backupassist is a chaep and good solution to backup exchange databases.
unrealone1Author Commented:
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