Transitioning Public Folders from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010


We are in the middle of a migration from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010.  We have approx. 21.000 Mailboxes, with multiple Exchange 2003 servers containing the Mailboxes and Public Folders, and multiple Exchange 2010 servers with new databases (2 CAS/HUB servers, 4 Huge Mailbox servers in a DAG group and 2 virtual mailbox servers containing replicated Public Folders.

The system runs fine: I moved a few users from Exchange 2003 to the Exchange 2010 database, and they can use webmail and Outlook 2007 without problem to access their mails/calendars, etc.  Only with the public folders, we still have a problem:

The Public folders are completely replicated (with the powershell scripts) from Ex2003 to Ex2010, so that there are now 4 replicas:2 on Ex2003 and 2 on Ex2010.  The users with their mailbox already on Ex2010 can access the Public Folder in their webmail-client, but if they try to open the Public Folders in their Outlook 2007 client, they get a message "The set of folders cannot be opened.  Microsoft Exchange is not available...".

I already searched for solutions, and some suggest that it has something to do with the Address Lists, which have to be transferred to Ex2010 (move-OfflineAddressBook...).  However, we also still have a lot of Outlook 2003 clients (and even an old system containing patent-information, interfacing directly with the Public Folders) so they still need to be able to access the Public Folders.  

So my questions:
- Is it possible that the fact that these PF are not visible in the Outlook 2007 client are related to the Address Lists still on Ex2003?
- After using the move-offlieaddressbook, and switching the protocol to Web Based distribution,  will the 2003 clients still be able to work with public folders without modification to the clients?

All suggestions are welcome
SysUASystems AdministratorAsked:
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Hi sysUA,

The migrations I performed never had the problem that the PF's cannot be accessed because of the OAB.
When moving the OAB, you still have the option for Public Folder distribution (I believe it's on by default).
Can you check on an Outlook client with a mailbox on the new server the Connection status and where it tries to get the public folders from (Hold the CTRL key, right click the Outlook icon besides the clock and choose connection status).
If you have more info, I hope I can help you out.


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