Is (true === $var) the same as ($var === true)?


I've read that it's generally better to use if(true === $var) rather than just if($var) for various reasons.

But I've seen it as (true === $var) when It would appear more logical to me to do ($var === true).

Is there a difference?

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Shahzad Fateh AliWeb Solutions Architect & Technical Project Manager- VentureDive (Pvt) LtdCommented:
No, there are not difference in both statements, but it depends of the understanding for the programmer that how he/she wants to write it.
No, those statements are interchangable.
There is no difference, "===" instead of "==" just compares the type as well as the value of the variables.

For more information, see

Hope this helps.
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Actually it is programmers' technique to eliminate coding mistakes.

In example:

Lets say you are checking if $var is equal to true.
Then you write:
if ($var == true)

Right, but if you forget one "=", your condition becomes:
if ($var = true)
which returns always true because you are setting the $var value to true  and you will not be able to correct it.
However if you want to write

if (true == $var)
and you forget one "=", then your condition becomes:
if (true = $var)
and you will be shown an error and you will be able to correct it.

Thats the idea.


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Avinash ZalaWeb ExpertCommented:
== will compare only values


=== will compare value as well as data type.

Hope this helps.
i-CONICAAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys.
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