Where can i download and install indy10 for delphi7. Ive downloaded a few versions and none have /source folder and look complex of installing them. Is there a direct link to a indy10 download with an auto installer or atleast source folder with it and instructions how to install.
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Ferruccio AccalaiSenior developer, analyst and customer assistance Commented:
As said on the automatic installer is no longer supported.
You have to download the source and follow the manual installation instructions

Specifically for Delphi7 you must do:

1) Download from
2) Extract the zip file using folder names into a custom dir like for example C:\Indy
3) Open and compile .dpk files in the following order:

         1. IndySystem70.dpk (in Lib\System)
         2. IndyCore70.dpk (in Lib\Core)
         3. IndyProtocols70.dpk (in Lib\Protocols)

4) Now open these .dpk files and click install in the following order:

         1. dclIndyCore70.dpk (in Lib\Core)
         2. dclIndyProtocols70.dpk (in Lib\Protocols)

5) In your Indy directory you should now see some compiled .dcu files. In your Delphi IDE goto the menu Tools>Environment options> Select Library tab. Now add the path to your .dcu files into the filepath collection. Click Ok.
I searched yesterday about  your indy source, and i found some source you find it here
but still need more source, i compiled chat project with Indy 10.2.5
This is Indy 10 for Delphi 7, i tried it and i compiled projects chat with it

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Thanks for the links
Norm-alNetwork EngineerCommented:

I tried following your instructions but when I got to trying to compile the 2nd item, IndyCore70, it says it cannot find IndySystem70, even though I was able to compile it successfully... I took over  a machine with Delphi and am trying to get Indy installed as some of the projects are referring to them and it looks like something was build (called PCTButtons) that already has one of the components and it keeps asking me to ignore and continue...

Thanks for your help!
Norm-alNetwork EngineerCommented:
Here is the error I get when trying to load the app that is using Indy components, when I attempt to install Indy it gives me a simliar error, something about 'PCTButtons'
You must delete all files and directories depend to PCButton component
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