token supplied to the function is invalid id 80090308/ - exchange 2003

Hi all,

im trying to move my exchange public folders from my 2003 box to the new 2008 box.

when i attempt to move 'Exchange server public folders' i get the above error.

i have run through the most common fixes posted on the web - disable SSL on default website etc but i am pretty sure i wont be easily able to resolve this issue.

i say this because about 2 years ago we had some serious problems with ssl certs and trying to get email out to remote clients. several 'fixes' were done with the result that we did get email to the clients but our security setting were left in a shambles.

is there another way to approach this? i have an export of the public folders from the 2003 box - that was taken before any exchange migration tasks were started. can i import this file rather than transfer it between the boxes?

alternatively - is there a way i can find the specific item that is causing the issue?

thanks in advance,
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BikkelbinkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Alan,

Did you allready try to first make an replica onto you other server?
Just add the server to your replica list and keep an eye on the Event Logs and the PF replica list.
Maybe if everything is succesfull, the old servers PF's can be decommisioned.

alan_kellyAuthor Commented:
additional info:

had an SSL cert on the old box that has now expired. did not want to move it across as i wanted a fresh start for mobile access (to undo all the old security issues)
alan_kellyAuthor Commented:
hi Bikkelbink,

no i haven't tried this. can you give me some more information on what to do please?

thanks for the reply,
When you go to Folders -> Public Folders and select a Public folder.
Right click -> All Tasks -> Manage settings
Add a replica server (the new one) and close the wizard.
If there are more top level PF's you should do this for every folder.
When your new server is Exchange 2007/2010 then you should use the scripts provided with the install.
In the install folder, there is a folder named scripts.
The script for adding replicas is: AddReplicaToPFRecursive
The script for moving replicas is: MoveAllReplicas
The scripts are self-explaining.

Hope it will work out.

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