How to delete local GAL and force a resynch with exchange

I have having issues getting the correct GAL on some of my XP workstations running outlook 2007. they are in cache mode because of the size of some of the boxes. When i turn cache off the correct GAL appears. i have manually went in and said download address book. That changes nothing. i have deleted the outlook1.ost file off of the workstation and it have rebuilt it but is is still the old one. i believe it is an exchange issue but i am unsure how to proceed. if anyone has an idea that is not to technical i would really appreciate it.
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BikkelbinkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Tammyp01,

The article Alchik refers to can be handy and you Address book is always up to date. But when you have traveling users, the Addressbook isn't offline available.
Is there an update schedule for you OAB? Have you tried to manualy update the OAB allready?

Deleting your OST file does not delete your OAB. Look into the user profile for .OAB files. These can be deleted before downloading your updated OAB. Keep in mind that when you manually update your OAB on the server, it can take a while before clients can download the new version.

Try what's in the following article.  It includes a reg hack that may be helpful...
tammyp01Author Commented:
I tried the registry hack that Alchik mentioned but i found i already had that entry. i was able to go in to each profile and delete all oab files and then open outlook again in cashe mode. this seemed to correct the issue. thank you both for your help.
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