Nokia IP350 Licensing

I have just been offered a Nokia IP350 which I understand that this was managed by SmartCentre

Do these come with a base license or am I going to find this device is usless to me?

In short, what would I have to do to make this second hand ex SmartCentre managed IP350 usable in my lab?
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Mike ThomasConsultantAsked:
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deimarkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you want to use it in production then you will need to buy the proper Check Point licensing.

However, if all you intend to do is use this in a lab then you can install CP software for free for a trial period of 15 days at a time.  This allows you to use all the features of CP.  After the time period is up you either speak to a CP provider to get a 30 day eval license created for you, or you simply uninstall CP and reinstall.

Note that access to the CP and Nokia IPSO software on the CP site will need a valid login to download.  But as long as you don't delete the installation packages on the nokia box itself, you should be able to install and remove as often as you like.

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