So little time left, Have to get this up and running by tomorrow!!

I am going crazy. I have been trying to get WDS wowking for two days now. I am at the point that my Dell workstations won't boot from the network, due to broadcom drivers missing in the wim file. I installed the Microsoft Windows AIK for windows 7  (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=696DD665-9F76-4177-A811-39C26D3B3B34&displaylang=en) .

I try to folow this guide:

Add a Driver to a WIM Image
Note you need the WAIK installing before you begin.
1. Copy your WIM image to C:\OriginalWIM.
2. Create two new folders Called C:\Mount and C:\Drivers.
3. Start > All Programs > Microsoft Windows AIK > Windows PE Tools Command Prompt.
4. Issue the following command
imagex /mountrw C:\OriginalWIM\{imagename}.wim 1 C:\Mount
Note this mounts image 1 a WIM image can contain multiple images use imagex/ info to find out.
5. Copy your Driver to C:\Drivers
6. Back at the Windows PE Tools Command Prompt issue the following command
peimg /inf=C:\Drivers\{drivername}.INF /image=C:\Mount
7. Now commit the changes and un-mount the image with the following command
imagex /unmount /commit C:\Mount

I get stuck at step 6. I cannot find the peimg.exe . So have I downloaded the wrong toolkit?
Am I doing something else wrong?
My WDS Server is an windows 2008 SBS server and my client windows & machines. All Dell's

Thanks, Thomas.
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tmhooftConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Ok. Found it....

peimg is no longer being used in the WAIK  for windows 7.
It is now all done with the dism tool.

I used this as a reference and got it working....

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