Changing the Language of a Samsung Pixon M8800 Cell phone

I recently bought a Samung Pixon M8800 but it came configured in the Greek Language and I only speak English.

I have tried to change it by:
1) Using the installation CD (no option was given to change the language)
2) Using a code that I found on the internet. (

I have also read the manual, which was in English, and found nothing relevant.

Can someone let me know how to change the language of the phone to English?
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lherrouConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Not having a pixon myself, I cannot verify this. However, you may have success with flashing the firmware to a primary-English version of the firmware (and it may help the phone operate better as a bonus). Take a look at for the firmware files, and that site also hosts a guide to flashing the M8800.

Note that any firmware upgrade/flashing may turn your phone into a handy plastic brick, useful mostly for looking pretty.


aman0711Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to install new TouchWiz OS.

 Unlike other Samsung phones, pixon and few other (I guess Omnia as well) use TouchWiz UI instead of symbian.
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