Hack my mac - VNC/SSH

So, I left the hosue this morning and realzied that there is a video on my mac at home that I need to make some minor edits to and resubmit. Then I realized, I never setup the mac for remote access ssh or VNC. Duh. On the same network I have a linux box that I have ssh/vnc access to. I'm trying to remotely activate vnc on the mac from the linux box but I'm stuck. I'm not all that good at the hacking/securtiy stuff, so I guess in one way, this is a good method of learning how people gain access to these systems.

Can anyone help me with gaining access to the mac or where to start? I'm sort of desperate to get this video done (stupid spelling errors from typing too fast at 2AM) this morning.
musickmannData AnalystAsked:
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strungConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Unless you have file sharing, screen sharing or some other sort of sharing turn on on the Mac you are out of luck. You will need physical access to the Mac to turn on some sort of sharing services.
musickmannData AnalystAuthor Commented:
Not what I wanted to hear, but guess it is what it is.
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