Restoring Blackberry Contacts

I have a user on BES whos black berry screen died. His PA backed the phone up using BB manager and got him a new phone. His old phone was deleted form the BES server (along with all his settings etc). I have added him back onto bes but we ned to restore his contacts. If we use BB desktop manger and try to restore the .ipd file, eveything goes over apart form his contacts and desktop manager claims the contacts are "read only" and cannot be restored. Does anybody know a way around this?
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Check if below steps help you

Cradle your device. If you have a password enabled, enter it so your device will connect to the desktop.

Open BlackBerry Desktop Manager, and double-click the Backup and Restore icon to bring up the Backup and Restore dialog box.

Click Advanced... . From the File menu, select Open... . In the Open dialog box, find your backup file and select it. Click Open.

You can select individual databases to restore from your backup file to your BlackBerry by selecting them in the "Desktop File Databases" box on the left and then clicking the right arrow button to copy them to the "Handheld Databases" box on the right. Each time you restore a database that is present on your device, you will be prompted to confirm that you want to overwrite the device version. Click Yes.

If the backup was done with a previous version of the Desktop Manager or the OS is newer on the BB you could run into issues restoring.  I would start there.  There is an application for purchase that can read an .ipd file as well.

Someone said notepad can open the .ipd file, however it will not be formatted but the contacts will be there in some type format.
mistyflyAuthor Commented:
Hi Inderjeetjaggi, that is the method im using but the contacts are greyed out and it says they are read only?
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mistyflyAuthor Commented:
thompsonwireless, I would say the new BB has a newer OS, I have the process test app and I can open the contacts with that, I just dont know how to restore them back into the blackberry
Here's something I found for you that may work.  Again, OS and DM versions are a variable when you need to restore.

To perform a restore of specific greyed-out items perform the following steps.
Open the ipd Bakcup file in Desktop Manager.
In your device go to Options > Advanaced options > Service Book. Delete Desktop[SYNC]
Refresh the database list in Desktop Manager.
Select the specific database. In my case it was Blackberry Messenger
Hit the Transfer button and confirm replacing it on the device.
In your device go to Options > Advanaced options > Service Book, click the Menu to Undelete.
Reboot the device.

All your contacts will be restored. Similar restore task can be done for Messages, SMS, Contacts, etc.

There appears to be an answer here that worked for someone else:

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What if you don't have the Desktop {SYNC} service book to delete?
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