Acrobat 9 Pro GPO deployment takes a long time

Posted on 2010-03-26
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Last Modified: 2013-12-12
I used Acrobat's CIW to create a MST file, and set up a Group Policy to deploy Acrobat and the transform file at the computer level. In case it makes a difference, everyone had some version of Acrobat installed, versions 6-9. The goal of this project was to bring everyone up to the current version.

Everyone is saying that it is taking a really long time to boot their computers, and it is 'freezing' at "Installing Acrobat". It's not really freezing, but it's taking so long that people think it is. What did I do wrong? How can I make this fast?
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Acrobat 9 isn't exactly a quick install.  It took 2-3 minutes on my computer running Q9550 w/ 4GB RAM.  I've installed on P4 and PD computers that take close to 5 minutes to complete the install.  Even one minute is a long time to a user if all they see is a message saying "Installing Acrobat", without having a more exact timing of this than a user saying its freezing (I know how they exaggerate everything) it would be difficult to say if you did anything wrong at all.  Maybe it is a network issue with 300-400 MB being transferred to multiple computers all at the same time.

If you set up the GPO by machine, maybe remove the GPO then add it after hours and push out a restart command to all the PCs on the network.  This way it gets installed without everyone complaining that their computers are slow.

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ID: 28688883
One user told me it was literally 25 minutes before she hit the power button to restart the computer.

I removed Acrobat from the GPO, so that users can log on, and now some users do not have Acrobat installed. I made a batch file (contents attached) to run the install. Shortly after running the batch file, a message box asked a message similar to "User SYSTEM previously installed Acrobat 8. You must undo the changes  made bye that installation to continue. Do you want to undo those changes?" That's not the exact error, I was just clicking through as fast as I could to get the user back online.

msiexec /i "\\server\applications\Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro VLK\Acropro.msi" /qb TRANSFORMS=AcroPro.mst

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ID: 30036314
Do you have any more suggestions about how I could fix this? I would really like to deploy Acrobat 9 so everyone has the same version and I don't have to do the sneaker-net.
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ID: 30227565
where are you putting the installer for your GPO?  are they draggin it across the wire from another office?

we put our installer in the sysvol directory and run the install from \\fqdn\sysvol\software\software name

example  \\coinspinnr.com\sysvol\software\adobe  this way they should pull the install from the local domain controller on the subnet they are on.

Also how may clients are trying tolog in an install at the smae time. this could be putting a hurt on your bandwidth and server

Author Comment

ID: 30229106
The installer is on a shared folder of the SBS 2003 server. There is only one location, and there are about 39 computers in total, but not all are desktops.

I may have found an answer in that when I tried to run the MSI manually, it asked a yes/no question about a previous install of Acrobat 8. Since I configured the CIW to uninstall previous versions, I should not have received the prompt, but that might be why it didn't work. I will try the deployment again sometime with a small number of computers afterhours, but if anyone has any suggestions or ideas why that prompt came up, I would appreciate it. Of course I didn't save the text of that prompt, in case you were wondering... :(

Accepted Solution

nathanwilliams earned 1400 total points
ID: 30232431
did you use the adobe customization wizard to create a transform file  .MST?   you can specify to remove prior versions with that.

link to adobe customization wizard

also if you want to patch your administrative install piont, using the following steps  Be sure to create a new MST file after you update the last patch.

1.  Copy the media Setup files to a location (i.e. C:\Acrobat9\) on your hard drive (of the machine where you need to create AIP).
2.  Create a folder to a location on your hard drive (i.e. C:\A9\)
3.  Open the command prompt.
4.  Navigate to the media Setup files that you copied to you hard drive.
Example: >: cd C:\Acrobat9\
5.  Run administrative installation from the command prompt.
> msiexec.exe /a AcroPro.msi
6.  When prompted point it to the previously created folder (i.e. C:\A9\).
7.  In the Windows Explorer create a new folder in a location of your choice ( i.e. C:\A910\ ).
8. In the Windows Explorer copy the files in the AIP folder (i.e. C:\A9\) to the newly created folder  ( i.e. C:\A910\ ).
9.  Place the Acrobat 9.1.0 Update file (AcroProStdUpd910_T1T2_incr.msp) into the newly created folder (i.e.  C:\A910\)
10.  At the command prompt, navigate to the newly created folder that has the AIP files.
> :  cd C:\A910\
11.  At the command prompt run the Acrobat 9.1 Update
> msiexec.exe /a AcroPro.msi /p AcroProStdUpd910_T1_T2_incr.msp
12.  When prompted by the Acrobat installer, point the patch installation to the folder that you are running the installation from  (i.e. C:\A910\).
13.  When the installation patch is complete, create a new folder (C:\A912) and  copy the patched AIP (i.e. C:\A910\)  folder contents to a newly created folder (i.e. C:\A912\).
14.  Place the Acrobat 9.1.2 Update file (AcrobatUpd912_all_incr.msp) into the newly created folder (i.e. C:\A912\).
15. At the command prompt,  navigate to the newly created folder (i.e. C:\A912).
16.  At the command prompt run the Acrobat 9.1.2 Update
> msiexec.exe /a AcroPro.msi /p AcrobatUpd912_all_incr.msp
17.  When prompted by the Acrobat installer, point the patch installation to the folder that you are running the installation from (i.e. C:\A912\).
18.  When the installation patch is complete, create a new folder (C:\A920) and  copy the patched AIP (i.e. C:\A912\)  folder contents to a newly created folder (i.e. C:\A920\).
19.  Place the Acrobat 9.2 Update file (AcrobatUpd920_all_incr.msp) into the newly created folder (i.e. C:\A920\).
20. At the command prompt,  navigate to the newly created folder (i.e. C:\A920\ ).
21.  At the command prompt run the Acrobat 9.2 Update
> msiexec.exe /a AcroPro.msi /p AcrobatUpd920_all_incr.msp
22.  When prompted by the Acrobat installer, point the patch installation to the folder that you are running the installation from (i.e. C:\A920\).
Follow the same for A930 and thereafter 9.3.1 now …..
23.  You should now have a complete Acrobat 9.3.1 MSI and administrative install point set of files.
24) Now you may use ¿ msiexec /i  <Full path of MSI on AIP>  on your end machine to run the deployment of Acrobat9.3  


Expert Comment

ID: 30232797
also if you are deploying this as a computer policy, disable the user part of the policy. that will help in processing as well.
the reverse is rrue as well if it is a user policy then disable the computer portion.
 if you are not sure how to do this respond and I will leave directions

Author Comment

ID: 31192826
Just an update - I haven't had time to build the MSI with the updates like you suggested, but I will report back once I have. Thanks.

Expert Comment

ID: 32299705
one more thing on this
there is a file that gets created when you patch the installation point ASNV.TMP    if you replicate this to other servers with DFS or FRS (if you put the installer in the SYSVOL on a DC)   .tmp files are not replicated by default.     If the file is not in the installer directory, it will cause a volume license key to be treated as invalid and the install via GPO will fail.   You either have to copy the ASNV.TMP file manually to each install point that is replicated, or allow .tmp files to replicate.

Author Closing Comment

ID: 32701406
I don't have time to follow up with this now, but here are your points. Thanks for your help.

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