Net support and Windows 7

I have a Dell Latitude E540 laptop with Windows 7 Professional.  I have installed Netsupport v9 on it.  However, I cannot net support the laptop from my pc.  My pc is an xp model.
I can ping the laptop from my pc.

Any ideas?
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angler-sdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Look to see if "Accept Remote Connections" is enabled.

Right click on your My computer icon, click on properies, Click on Remote tab on top.

Check both boxes...

1- Allow Remote Invitations to be sent from this computer.
2- Allow users to connect remotely to this computer.

If this don't work. Repost. This should be an easy one....
ELGowenAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your response.  If this solution doesn't work I will log another call.
ELGowenAuthor Commented:
Solution: Driver for Sierra Wireless USB 302 Modem has NDIS6.2 driver.  This is incompatible with Windows 7.  The driver for the modem must be downgraded to NDIS5.1.  Having done this, I can now NetSupport, VNC and Remote Desktop to the Windows 7 laptop from my XP desktop.
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