Windows 2003 VPN question/issues

I am dealing with a strange VPN issue.
The attached PDF shows my WAN/LAN config at the office.

The VPN Server is a Windows 2003 Standard With all updates applied.

I have about a 40-50% loss of all packets.
The server;
HP DL145 G2

RRAS is listening on
Internet connection sharing is turned off

There are no static routes set up on the LAN

Firewall has the following ports forwarded;
1723 -
500 -
50 -
51 -
137 -
138 -
139 -

plus a few that are special for a given item

Any sugestions?
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Rick_O_ShayConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you check for errors on the physical interfaces wired and wireless of the firewall and router?
Also what is ping looking like to somehting right off the firewall like a printer in the diagram? That would at least eliminate up to that point and give you less to debug.
And the 2 cables to the server, is it possible there is an issue there? Can you disconnect one at a time and see if you get better ping performance?
cpctechAuthor Commented:
Well it turned out to be AT&T
Some dip stick dug up the fiber and they where re routing through a bunch of old copper through a different county.
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