How to change a ftp Port in Debian


I was having a problem with proftpd and decided that I'm going to switch to pure-ftpd-mysql, but I need to change the port in order to do testing before I remove proftpd, doing a search in google I fount that in the file /etc/pure-ftpd/conf/Bind I can do it, but I don't have that file.

How can I change the port?
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amprantiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
/cet/services is only a mapping between ports and services. It DOESNT change the actual port the service is running

To change the port to "pureftp" do this:

Edit pure-ftpd.conf with your favorite editor
If you dont know where is located: find / -name pure-ftpd.conf

Cheange this line:
# IP address/port to listen to (default=all IP and port 21).
# Bind, 21

Save and restart the service
If you have iptables enabled remember to open the ports
Did you install Pure-FTPd?


pure-ftpd-mysql seems to be authentication module for Pure-FTPd that allows to use MySQL to store user information (authentication information).

Hope this helps,

William Lee    CISA
Hong Kong
Are you using inetd? if so, you can add a port number and the corresponding program to the /etc/inetd.conf file
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Did verguillas try all 2 suggestions?  Please give feedback to me and beester.
verguillasAuthor Commented:
Hi to all,

First of all, I had to change to pure-ftpd, cause it was easier to do what I wanted to do.

Second, I apologize because I didn't answer before to this post.

Third, Quomodo, it's not a lack of courtesy, is a lack of time and experience using EE.

Change your default ftp port 21 by editing the following file


use any text editing program you prefer for instance:

nano /etc/services

search this line:
ftp             21/tcp
set 21 to a port you like (except not a used port).  Safe by hitting ctrl+o then ENTER. Then crtl+x to close.
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