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I have a list which has multi-stage work flows. In each work flow some data is collected from a user. I would like to be able to record the user who made the entry in a field like this:

RMA entered by: Jane Doe at 10/11/2012 4:30pm
Shipped by: John James at 10/12/2012 2:00pm
Billed by: John Doe at 10/13/2012 2:00pm

So basically, the field will be a multi-line field where the text is appended to it.

I understand that I need to activate versioning, which I've have. However when I append to a multi-line field I get this:

Noronha, Alister (3/26/2010 11:20 AM): 2nd Line
Noronha, Alister (3/26/2010 11:19 AM): 1st Line

Any Ideas?
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You don't need versioning, and it will just end up unecessarily increasing the size of your list.

This example uses a Multi-Line test field titled "notes" and a SharePoint designer workflow.  The principle behind this is that we use the dynamic string builder to insert the current notes field, add a newline using the <br /> tag (it has to be the full <br />, not just <br>), and then add the information from the next step.  Since this occurs before the task is closed by the system account (causing the task to show as modified by system :( ) the modified by field will have the user that hit the complete button.  You need to use the collect action so that the workflow receives the ID of the task item generated.
RMA Step:
1. Collect task from RMA user /group
2. Build dynamic string
     This dynamic string should be:
"RMA entered by: [Modified by from collect task] at [Modified from collect task]"

3. Store Dynamic string in notes field.
Shipped step:
1. Collect task from shipping user / group
2. Build dynamic string
     This dynamic string should be:
"[notes field from current item] <br />
Shipped by: [Modified by from collect task] at [Modified  from collect task]"

3. Store Dynamic string in notes field.

Billing step:
1. Collect task from shipping user / group
2. Build  dynamic string
     This dynamic string should be:
"[notes  field from current item] <br />
"Billed by: [Modified  by from collect task] at [Modified  from collect task]"
3.  Store Dynamic string in notes field.


Collect Tasks:

Dynamic String Builder:


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AlariusAuthor Commented:
I don't use the 'collect task'. Customer requirement is that the person who inputs needs to see existing information as part of the form. So I just get the user to open up the Editform.aspx and input what's needed in there. A Javascript webpart controls what the user can and cannot modify.

I've applied your steps like this:

1. Wait for RMA to be not empty
2. Build dynamic string "[Notes field from current item] <br /> RMA entered by: [Modified by] at [Modified]
3. Store dynamic string in Notes field

Wish there was a way of resolving the user's actual name not the username :(
To resolve the names, look at implementing the custom SPD action listed recommended by zephyr_hex here: 

AlariusAuthor Commented:
Super!!! i won't pop any more questions here as the original question was answered (very well).
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