Odd Office behaviors with selecting text

This is an odd behavior in Office that I have a user experiencing and I've experienced it before but never as much as this user. My history with this has been when clicking an email in Outlook and then you click another it selects all of the them in between. Kind of like you are holding the SHIFT key down. After either rebooting the computer or making sure the SHIFT key isn't stuck it works fine again.

My user on the other hand is having this issue in all Office applications. If she goes to highlight a paragraph in Word and after she lets go of the mouse button, then Word is still acting like you are highlighting. If no mouse button clicked I can highlight the whole page. It doesn't do it every time, but probably 1 out of every 3 when I was testing.

We've rebooted the machine, replaced the mouse and it is still happening. It is a laptop and one of my thoughts is that the docking station might be the issue, but I just wanted to throw this question out there and see what you guys had to say. If you need any more detail, let me know.
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ChiBotConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks for the responses for this. I feel kind of stupid, but in all my years I've never even seen "Click Lock" for a mouse. For some reason this checkbox was checked and if you held the left mouse button down long enough for the time period it would automatically lock that click until you either clicked again or hit escape.

I have had the problem with the stuck SHIFT key quite a bit and surely thought that was it. Thanks again for all of the suggestions.
Try downloading newest keyboard / mouse driver from HP, DELL ?. whatever brand of laptop.
It definitely sounds like a stuck key on your keyboard or possibly a bad kbd buffer on your system board.
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ChiBotAuthor Commented:
Good thought on that. I wasn't even thinking that at all. We run Lenovo and I'll do there System Update and get all the new stuff. I'll let you know what I find out.
Leo TorresSQL DeveloperCommented:
In order to test this I would simply replace the Keyboard and mouse with another one and fiddle with is for a while to see if it does the same.. Chances are thompsonwire is correct the shift key on the board may just be bad or even the mouse button may get stuck causing that effect.. for sure a hard ware issue
Worse things have happened.  You're welcome!
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