InfoView has blank text prompt where LOV should be

I have manually created a LOV for a DCP via the Business View Manager.  The cascading list works fine in the CR 2008 dev GUI, but shows blank text boxes when the report is published and run in BOE InfoView.  There is no error; the input parameters are just blank.

I followed the below steps to create the LOV:

1. Create Data Connection
2. Create Data Foundation
3. Create Business Element
4. Create Business View
5. Create LOV
6. Open report and connect to Repository
7. Map LOV prompt group to report parameters by clicking on "Existing" data source
8. Schedule LOV to refresh (did this daily and also did one ad hoc "Now" to populate the LOV)

Also, I have saved  the credentials and have set "Runtime Prompt Mode" to "Never prompt" for the Data Connection.

What can I do to get the list to generate when the report is run in InfoView?
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What version of BOE?

while in the business view manager everything looks good. Are you sure you are pointing to this LOV? does it work locally?
piedrahitfAuthor Commented:
BOE 12.

Yes, the report works locally.  In the dev environment, the report populates the list across 3 parameters dynamically depending on which value was chosen in the hierarchy. When I publish the report, the parameter prompts are no longer dynamic, but rather blank text boxes.
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piedrahitfAuthor Commented:
Question:  Does anyone know if it matters that the repository being used is the same as the dev machine (i.e., where the CR 2008 designer is running), but the report is being published on a different machine?  I would think that the published report would throw a connection error or an error of some sort rather than not populate the LOV.
I would think so long as the repository is visible and you have permissions it would work.

piedrahitfAuthor Commented:
My SAP account manager had a technical expert look at the issue.  It turns out that my issue was caused by not explicitly granting rights to each object created in the original post (items 1-5).  I just had to right-click and select "Edit Rights".  In the Rights window, simply click until the box is checked and shows "Grant" for "View" rights under both Administrators and Everyone.  Repeat this for all:  Data Connection, Data Foundation, Business Element, Business View, and LOV.

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piedrahitfAuthor Commented:
For clarification, use the CrystalBVM.exe at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Enterprise 12.0\win32_x86\" for standard installations.  This is the GUI utilized to create/modify Repository objects that facilitate DCPs.
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