Need quiet power supply

I currenty have a TrendSonic Opera Media Center Case.  Unfortunately the powersupply fan is unbearably load and so it is effectively useless in the living room.  i would like to repace the power supply with a siilent fan.  Can I swap it out?  What should I look for for a replacement?

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There's lots of quiet power supplies listed here:

You should be able to source these power supplies locally if you're not in the UK.

The only thing to make sure is you get the right size and the correct wattage.  I think your Case contains an ATX size motherboards which should mean any of the psu's on the link above are suitable.

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The power supply that normally ships with this case is 500watt atx supply with a 20+4 motherboard connector and a P4 connector.
I would not advise you to "open" your power supply. I would look into a replacement power supply unit

Power supplies that i have experienced that are quiet are Zalman and Logisys

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There's quite a bit more information about that case here, including some useful posts about PSU's:
are you sure the noise comes from the Power supply?
it can be the CPU fan too -
anyway, there's lots of quiet power supplies now - just look for models with a 12 cm fan instead of a 9cm.
they are barely audible.
here a list to Zalman cpu coolers (you find power supplies there too) :
canuckconsultingAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for your help!

On the site referrenced by DominoG: there is the following:
Replacing the PSU: this can be done - it's a standard ATX type PSU but.. the mounting of it is such that you MUST use a PSU that draws air in via the REAR of the unit. You cannot (without metalwork) use a PSU which has a fan underneath. Why? Because the case sits the PSU on a small shelf and has ducting to allow it to draw cold air from underneath the case into the rear fan. Most PSU's have a fan underneath OR had a rear fan that blows OUT which will not work well. There is a cable from the rear of the case to the front which takes power to the PSU (kettle lead) to allow them to relocate it as such.

Would the following PSU be suitable? The reviews are positve and it was the most affordable 500W unit:

I have a Coolermaster something something 600W supply with a 12cm fan, and when it was new the fan was noisy..  I set about to replace the fan ( yeah I know, not recommended ) but in doing so noticed that the protective grill that sits over the fan opening was rubbing against the center of the fan and that was what was causing the noise.  I just removed the grill and bent it to lift it above the fan and all is well. So, something to check out.

I did actually replace the fan in the PSU and it has been working fine for a couple of years. ( not recommended by people who know more than I do about such things...  but I was ignorant of the dangers, and did it anyhow)
I own 2 and my roommate owns 1 of these:

They are very quiet, I'm sure you won't be able to hear it at all after you close the case. My 120mm Thernaltake CPU cooler is MUCH louder. Unfortunately it's not modular, so you are stuck stuffing all the cables into a corner. But its a nice, quiet power supply with plenty of connectors.
canuckconsultingAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the link to Quietpc and the forum discussing the case.  With this information I ended up with the Arctic Cooling fusion 550w from quietpc.  Hope to receive it next week!
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