How to find local web sites with a lot of traffic

How can I find out local web sites that receive a lot of traffic?  

Is there some kind of tool out there where I can enter my zip code and find out sites locally (within 25 miles) that get a lot of traffic?
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AndyBeardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Google the town name & if needed state
Look at the first result - most likely a local portal or government page - ignore a Wikipedia result
Click the similar results link

This isn't a perfect way to gauge traffic, but it isn't bad for relevance.

With traffic the best way is to buy geotargeted advertising, as they will in most cases give you an estimate of traffic volume before you hit the buy button.

Whilst Adsense/Adwords is obvious, also think of Facebook, Plenty Of Fish etc and then also look at advertising network solutions which offer geotargeting such as DART

The biggest problem is that many services which track demographic data such as Quantcast don't do a great job at a local level.

When I think of obvious local traffic, transport systems come to mind e.g.

Quantcast doesn't come up with much useful data.

Death259Connect With a Mentor Commented:
As far as i know, theres not really a way to do this. I might be a local of X city, but my website will more than likely be hosted somewhere else. This makes it hard to clarify where the website would be considered local.
Joshua TitsworthConnect With a Mentor Digital Marketing SpecialistCommented:
I would do a local search for the niche you are wanting to keep tabs on. Make a spreadsheet, then go to and enter in the site in question. isn't always accurate, but it is a start.
TinaSCAuthor Commented:
Good idea abut  Any other sites that would be good for comparing sites?  Maybe
Joshua TitsworthConnect With a Mentor Digital Marketing SpecialistCommented:
There is also and
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