Im using the maraquee component.

I can get everything working fine but i have a problem.

I want it so it does this:

on form create the realtimemaraquee1 is active and displaying scrolling text from memo1 ( which is "preset".

As soon as someone clicks a button it adds the info from an edit.text into the maraquee and updates it.
However, it must not clear the lines untill they have finished being shown.


button1   >>  adds text from edit1.text >>  into the memo1 and then eventually into the maraquee. it is placed in a que system in the memo untill everything before it is shown that is before it. After its been shown it is cleared.


button 1's edit.text is placed into the memo and is shown after all the lines infront of it have been scrolled. ectt...
button10's edit.text is placed into the que and is shown after all the lines infront of it have been scrolled. ectt...

After the information from a TEDIT has been cleared it's cleared.

The speed of the scroller should be about 10 seconds word across the screen roughly.

Im using a tmemo as thats what the example used to update. Here attached is some working code, but nothing ive mentioned is implemnetd.

component is at@

  I: Integer;
    for I := 0 to Memo1.Lines.Count - 1 do
      with realtimeMarquee1.Items.Add do
        Text := Memo1.Lines[I];
        Style := msHTML;

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I am always surprised by the spelling errors that the ee community comes up with. For half of your question I was wondering what the hell a 'maraquee' was. What you are talking about is a 'marquee'. Lucky you're a programmer and not the editor of a newspaper.
966Author Commented:
hey, im not native english.. k?  if i want to upset you i can have a go saying

"What you are talking about is a 'marquee'2   <<  not correct. "is"

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