Restore deleted users in Active Directory Server 2008

During a Exchange issue all users with mailboxes were WIPED OUT of AD. This is our complete user base. I know there are ways to undo this action. Can some give me a step by step process for doing so?

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Mike ThomasConsultantCommented:
At the bottom of this page there is a link to a program called ADRestore, try that. I found it really useful.
Mike KlineCommented:
You can do an authoritative restore of those objects

You boot into DSRM then restore the system state then mark the objects as authoritative (directions in the link it is done using ntdsutil)


Is all your dc is windows 2008 R2,if yes you can use recycle bin else follow Mkline71 way.

As adrestore will not restore group membership,so only option left is authortative restore.

There is another tool called quest,give a try to that also.

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Majo2469Author Commented:
Sorry to say we had to manually re-create all affected objects. However, I did look in to many of your answers and found this the most accurate and complete. I appreciate everyone who take time to help - THANK YOU!
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