Microsoft RAS Not Restricing Access by Policy

We recently invested in a Cisco SSL VPN solution and are doing away with our MS RAS VPN solution.  We want to keep it active, but just for a limited group of people.  We have a Server 2003/2008 Active Directory infrastructure.  RAS is running on 2003.  I removed and reinstalled the RAS feature, and in Remote Access Policies, I restricted it to the following under 'Connections to Microsoft Routing and Remote Access server':

MS-RAS-Vendor matches "^311$" AND
Windows-Groups matches "MYDOMAIN\RAS Access"

At the bottom, where it says 'If a connection request matches the specified conditions:', Grant remote access permission is selected.

The issue is that some people who aren't a member of the RAS Access group are able to connect to RAS!  I've looked everywhere and I don't see any issues with the configuration...can anyone point me in the right direction or give me some things to check?  It's driving me crazy!!
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Ady FootConnect With a Mentor SharePoint ConsultantCommented:
Have you looked in the Active Directory Users and Computers application at the users that are able to 'bypass the policy'?  Open the properties page for one of these users and look at the 'Dial-In' tab.  At the top under 'Network Access Permission' (or similar) you will see a couple of radio boxes, one of which says something along the lines of 'Control access through Remote Access Policy'.  Ensure that this is selected.


hachempAuthor Commented:
LOL, I thought about it and actually figured that out while I was at lunch...can't believe I forgot to look there, but nevertheless, you are right on on money.   Thanks.
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