Citrix offline plug-in error: The system cannot find the path specified

Error message: “The system cannot find the path specified” when trying to launch a streamed app.  Familiar to anyone?  See details.

Windows 2003 64bit OS for XenApp machines
CPS 4.5.6 with PSE450W2K3X64R05 applied
Using Citrix Offline plugin 5.2 on XenApp servers to stream
Desktop Clients are using Online plug-in ver. 11.2, or WI 5.2 (via Online plug-in or Web versions 11.2)

UNC path to profile is verified as correct (can run to UNC path from XenApp servers)
Tried changing locations to “traditional” file spaces from newly created CIFS shares (regular windows 2k3 box)
Permissions wide open for “everyone”
Other streamed apps not having same issue
Happens with this APP on multiple servers

So, I re-profiled the application from scratch (Profiler server is 2k3 64bit too)
Saved profile out to a new location
Published the brand new application
The application icon populates when I enter the UNC path to the .profile in the wizard (so it sees the path just fine there, and sees into the .profile file)
At the “Type” dialogue In Publish Application wizard, I:
•      Configured it for “Accessed from a server”
•      Selected “Streamed to server” from pick menu
Publish Wizard completes with no errors
Ran the app profile via the profiler to verify its functionality (connected well)
Still get "Citrix offline plug-in error.  The system cannot find the path specified"
Only Metaframe errors in event viewer on XenApp server(s) are printer creation errors
Double checked that others streamed apps still run on all servers (they do)

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ET0000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds like you've covered the bases pretty well. Have you checked the streaming debug console to see if there is any useful info in there? Here's info on enabling the console:

Let us know if there is anyuthing pertinent in there.
somoteitbeAuthor Commented:
ET, sorry i haven't commented back... missed the notification that you had commented.  At any rate, i haven't ever used the streaming debug console before, but i would like to know about it.  The issue went away, but i didn't do anything to make that happen, so being able to analyze the situation debug-style will come in handy if/when this pops back up again.  
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