Does Anyone Know if Outlook 2010 Beta has "Send via bluetooth option"?

I have been testing the beta version of Office 2010 for about a month now and I must say that, while it is not too much different than 2007 in fucntionality I like it okay. Anyway, I am trying to find the "Send via bluetooth" option for sending contacts to my phone and I cannot seem to locate it. In 2007, it is listed under "File" when you open a contact, but I cannot find it now in 2010. Is this feature not included in beta yet? If it is, where can I find it? Thanks!

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acs-mikeAuthor Commented:
Okay, nevermind - I figured it out. You have to go into the main Outlook Options under the File "backstage". Then go to add-ins and be sure that Sent to Bluetooth is enabled under that list.

Then, in order to actually send the contacts via Bluetooth, you have to be in your contacts and select Addins on the ribbon and you will see Send to Bluetooth. I was going to delete the question, but then deicded not to in case someone else had the problem. Thanks!


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I've been using the Beta as well and have not seen this yet.  I'm kind of disappointed that you have to sign up for a paid service in order to use the mobile features like SMS and Calendar reminders as well.

At least the product is still in beta, so we still have hope :)
Oh nice!  (just refreshed after I submitted my comment)
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