2 ways to deploy dotnet 3.5 SP1

o my knowledge, there are 2 ways to install dotnet 3.5 SP1
1 easy way, using the command %INST%\dotnetfx35.exe /q /norestart.
And a bit more complicated way by extracting all msi's and creating an administrative install point.
Both are described here.

From a simplicity point of view if prefer the first option, but does it have any disadvantages in comparison with using the command line dotnetfx35.exe /q /norestart ?
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Administrative installation creates a network image of installation. Moreover it's a preconfigured installation package. I.e. when you perform an administrative installation all choices are remembered in it and all clients will get the same configuration. So administrative installation simplifies installation of one product to many computers in a local network.

I think in your case it would be better to simply call setup package from your bootstrapper (setup.exe).
It's the responsibility of setup.exe program to check if all the prerequisites are installed and call corresponding setup packages if some of them are not present.

Windows Installer technology doesn't allow 2 parallel installations. They can run in parallel on the UI stage, but the actual installation process is locked by mutex. That means that one MSI can't install other MSI. There is a notion of MSM (merge module) but it's a doubtful technics. So there comes setup.exe which aggregates multiple installation packages and makes a feeling of a single installation process.

There is a MSBuild task GenerateBootstrapper which generates setup.exe for your installation packages based on some configuration options expressed in XML format.

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