SQL Syntax - Remove blank space Padding from string

I have data stored in a string column, and it has white space blank padding on either side:

table: person

'     john   '
' jane  '

I would like to remove the left and right space padding on either side - and the padding length is unknown.
Something like:?

Left(name, CHARINDEX (' ', name, CHARINDEX (' ', name) + 1) - 1)

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try this..

SELECT ltrim(rtrim(name))

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TRIM(name) will do the job for you.
Sorry TRIM is not there in SQL Server. rushShah is correct. You can also use:
SELECT rtrim(ltrim(name))
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This removes all whitespace, including tabs, carriage returns and line feeds. Further, it can be easily modified to trim any set of characters – just make @charstotrim a parameter.

CREATE FUNCTION dbo.trim(@input varchar(8000)) returns varchar(8000) as
declare @charstotrim varchar(100)
select @charstotrim =’ ‘+char(9)+char(10)+char(13)
while charindex(left(reverse(@input),1),@charstotrim) >0
select @input=left(@input,datalength(@input)-1)
while charindex(left(@input,1),@charstotrim) >0
select @input=substring(@input,2,datalength(@input)-1)
return @input
Rajkumar GsSoftware EngineerCommented:
To remove right & left spaces in all data, execute this query

UPDATE urTable SET urColumn = LTRIM(RTRIM(urColumn ))

Replace with your actual table name & column name to update

Now you can verify using this query

SELECT urColumn FROM urTable

robthomas09Author Commented:
thanks - will try and let you know
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