Spanning tree question (Cisco)

We have a 4507r switch and plan on adding two or three 3560 switches
I'm assuming I should make the 4507r the root switch for STP?  What are some other STP best practices?

Also, we have about 10 vlans that exist on our 4507. Do these VLANs need to be created on the other distribution layer switches as well?  I guess best practice is to do inter-vlan routing at distribution layer and not core layer?

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The 4507 shuld be root unless there is a layer 3 switch or router above it that acts as root.  The vlan's should be created on all switches that will use them and all switches should be set to use a vtp domian or vtp mode transparent.  Inter-vlan routing can be done on a layer 3 switch or router.  Which one to use depends on the needs of your network

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WERAracerAuthor Commented:
thanks. What are the negative effects of using the wrong switch as root?
Network performance could be degraded as all traffic will use this root bridge as the path to measure for determining the 'best path' for forwarding PDU's.

WERAracerAuthor Commented:
thanks to both of you
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