Mount volume with current user credentials (no dialog box)

I am a bit new to AppleScript and Macs in general. I want to mount a volume when the user logs in. I am using the following:
     mount volume "cifs://domain;username@server/share1"
However, when I run this script, I get a dialog prompt that asks me for the username and password. I do I get it to mount a volume and use the current user's credentials to do it without the password prompt? Thanks.
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SnowWolfConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can automatically mount your Windows drive every time you login to your Mac by adding it to your Login items. In System Preferences, Accounts, choose the "Login Items" tab and add the Volume to the list of apps that automatically start up.
rbichonAuthor Commented:
All that does is open the folder. I can have them navigate to the folders through the Network but that is sort of lame. I am looking to mount the shared folders as volumes. Anyone else?
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