Email from Track It 9 is not reaching the user - Exchange Server 2007

Work order is being submitted from Track I 9 and Track it creates an email to the user. The email is being created by Track It but it is not reaching the user.It is not in the users junk mail or it is not in the users deleted folder. There is no rules that is being set in Outlook 2003. So, the email is leaving Track It and I don't have the permissions to view the Email Queue viewer in Exchange due to which I am not able to view the queue to check whether email is going through or not.

Next, I even checked Symantec Exchange Mail Security and I don't see the email in quarantined list also., Is there anyway I can trace it please. Thanks and I appreciate your response.

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So you have an application that sends to Exchange that is supposed to then forward to an external user right?

You know the mail is being sent but it is not arriving at the user end? You can't access Exchange server at all and you want to know if you can track the mail item?

Well, if you don't have access to the Exchange server you can't track the message through it so its going to be tough, about the best you can do is to check the mail is being accepted by Exchange by using a network sniffer like wireshark or network monitor 3.3 to see the SMTP conversation take place.  

In general though, in order for the third party app to submit mail for relay using Exchange 2007 you should check through this article:

jfkindAuthor Commented:

Thanks for your detailed explanation. The users are internal users. Our own employees and they receive mails from our Exchange server hosted internally. This is not happening for all the users, but for some of the users.

Hope this helps little bit more.

you really need to see the message tracking logs on exchange to see if the mail arrives and gets delivered to the mailbox, can you not check this on exchange?

jfkindAuthor Commented:
Here is the solution for the problem, which I figured out based on most of your input. Unfortunately, I was not even given permission to monitor the exchange queue, but later on was given the permission. :(

I did check the message tracking logs and found out the cause. It was actually an option in individual users mailbox that was checked. Let me post that information here which will help others who need to figure out anything like this happens to them.

Outlook 2007 / Exchange Server 2007 and Trackit 9. So, hopefully this helps others, if they come across similar issue.

Unable to receive emails from Track It
Exchange Server / Outlook 2003 / Outlook 2007 Troubleshooting, Issues
Troubleshooting – No Emails from Track IT
1.      Go to users mailbox
2.      Open the properties window
3.      Go to Mail Flow Settings tab
4.      Select Message Delivery Restrictions
5.      Choose Properties above
6.      Uncheck “Require that all senders are authenticated”

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