Crystal Reports XI Text Display

Crystal XI is cuttong off the beginning of my fields.  I cannot figure out what is the problem here.  It happens on date fields / text fields and even static column headers.
Please see screenshot in this example it's the Assignment dates that are cutoff to look like parenthees rather than zeros.  
Anyone have suggestion?  i really think this is pushing me to switch to reporting services soon
These are the variables i have tried to test:
     bold (or not),
     font type,
     font size,
     checking for a field in front that is blocking it

Am unsure if it could have something to do with my report engine within the application's display properties?
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LinInDenverConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you designing to grid in your report file? it is possible the Position field is overlapping Assignment, causing the cut-off look.

Another thought - I will typically add margin to my text fields - depending on your version, right clicking on the field and choosing format field. There is a "paragraph" tab where you can put in margins, i.e.: 0.05 in your left margin to push it out a touch.

Also depending on design, you could concatenate a space in front of your assignment text.
' ' & assignmenttext

Good luck.
The best thing i can tell you is to make sure the fields are big enough. Try expanding them just a little.
disbekearneyAuthor Commented:
i'll use the margin.  it's still surprising to me a problem on this simple topic would exist.  thanks
disbekearneyAuthor Commented:
on a formula field there is no paragraph tab.  (versus a text field).
in the common tab:  horizontal alignment was set to default rather than LEFT.
Changed that to LEFT, and it still is displaying half of the first character of the field.     =/
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