P2P and V2P Server Migration to New Domain

I have a stack of virtual (vmware) and physical servers that I have to migrate
(as a result of an acquisition) from one company to another.  I would appreciate the expert
opinions of this community to help guide me through this.  

I understand that this topic has been bantered around quite a bit in these forums, I think the constraints
that I have make my situation somewhat unique though.

These servers include:

   - Win 2000 Server                     (Physical - Dell PowerEdge 2650)
   - Win 2003 Server EE                (Virtual - vmware on IBM Blade Servers - 2 Dual Core CPU)
   - Win 2003 Server STD Edit.       (Virtual - vmware on IBM Blade Servers - 2 Dual Core CPU)
   - Win 2003 Server Std x64 Edit.  (Physical - IBM x3650)

My challenges:  

   - the 'Selling' company will not grant me access (at all) to logon directly to the existing servers in their environment.  This will not change,
     however, I can sit down (with limited time allowed) with their SE and ask questions.

   - the 'Selling' company will not allow any (zero) network modifications.

   - the 'Selling' company will not allow me to connect any 'new' servers to their network.

I need to develop a migration process which includes P2P and V2P steps.  Notice that I am
taking everything back to a physical server.  The acquiring company has limited technical
resources and I feel it's best to not install remote VM environments given this.  There are 3 locations
and approx 15-20 servers involved.

In the process, we will be migration from one tree/forest to another.  For example, today the servers
reside in domainxx.company.com and yyyyy.domainxx.company.com.  In the future, they will likely
migrate into the same structure with a difference 'company' name.

The new servers will all be Dell models with local attached storage (KISS).

Can I use a produce like Acronis Backup and Recovery with Universal Restore to accomplish this?  

If so, I will need the 'Selling' company SE to give me the server image on a USB Drive that I will then restore on the new server.

Will I have issues bring these machines up giving the DNS/AD changes mentioned above?  
Initially, the new AD/DNS will not be available to me.  
I need to build these servers out and then join them to the new AD.

Thank You!
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Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
This is not doable without access to the box..period.

Even if you use Acronis or Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery to do a cold clone you will need to install all the drivers that is with the hardware.  It may also take you out of the domain so you may need to join back in.

1099GuyAuthor Commented:
I should mention/clarify that I definitely have access to the new box that I will purchase for the migration.  I am not sure what you mean by the statement, "you will need to install all the drivers that is with the hardware.?  Do you mean that I need to install the drivers for the 'new' maching on the 'old' machine prior to the cold clone?
Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
If you do a cold clone and restore you will need domain admin access to the new machine to install drivers for the new hardware.

This works most of the time but not always.  If it doesn't work you'll need to install Acronis or BESR and image from the OS.

I would give it a shot on some of your internal servers first to get a good idea on what to expect.

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