TextBox disappears behind OLE object control

An Access 2007 database has a form with 6 tabs; tab 6 in this form has an OLE object control and a TextBox control; the TextBox control is in front of the OLE object control; the OnCurrent event in the form uses the move method to move the TextBox control. The previously active control must remain active when the OnCurrent event fires.

Problem: When any tab other than tab 6 is active and the OnCurrent event fires, the TextBox disappears behind the OLE object (which can be seen when you go back to tab 6); the TextBox must remain in front of the OLE object.

Unsuccessful solutions:
-docmd.runcommand bringtofront - can not be run unless form is in design view, apparently.
-Tried ctrl = activecontrol, TextBox.SetFocus, ctrl.setfocus in the OnCurrent event; have not been able to set a variable as activecontrol. I have tried many different little variations of this, but none have been able to grab activecontrol.
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Here is how you grab the active control......code from the tips page of www.aadconsulting.com

The ActiveControl object does not have a Name property, so you need to use the Control object class:

Function GetActiveCtlName() As String
__Dim ctlCurrentControl As Control
__Set ctlCurrentControl = Screen.ActiveControl
__GetActiveCtlName = ctlCurrentControl.Name
End Function

burtfacemanAuthor Commented:
@puppydogbuddy:  I've tried that.  I've tried Me.ActiveControl, Screen.ActiveControl, Forms("FormName").ActiveControl, and a whole bunch of other variations, each time with the VBA code window closed.  I guess there is no active control during the OnCurrent event.

The solution ended up being something so stupid and easy that I had to bang my head on my desk: it's all in the tab order of the objects!  I just had to move my TextBox object after the OLE Object in the form's tab order!

Hopefully someone else runs into this obscure little problem and can benefit from what I learned!

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