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MySQL Subtraction Problem From PHP (Unsigned Int)

I am trying to subtract the value in the field directly in MySQL. I can add correctly as I have seen the correct updates. However I want to be able to store the negative of the value and not just keep itself at 0.

My query from PHP is as follow:

mysql_query("UPDATE registry SET npurchased = npurchased + '".$qty."', nremain = nremain - '".$qty."' WHERE regid = '".$regid."'" );

The MySQL field nremain is set as an unsigned int.

Please let me know where my problem lies.
1 Solution
namsu55Author Commented:
Maybe I am a bit crazy today. UNSIGNED. Let me get rid of that.

Try the following query... its helpful for you

UPDATE tblrecords SET `leagueID` = leagueID+2, `seriesID`= IF((seriesID-1)<0, 0, seriesID-1) WHERE recordID= 1

mysql_query("UPDATE registry SET npurchased = npurchased + '".$qty."', nremain =IF(( nremain- - '".$qty."')<0, 0,  nremain- - '".$qty."')  WHERE regid = '".$regid."'" );

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