How to change Exchange 2003 Mailbox directory names

Having trouble with old directory names for Exchange mailboxes.   For instance, in Outlook, typing in a person's name, sometimes type-ahead shows an old name for the directory name: ie: FirstName <oldfirstname> with the oldfirstname being the original owner of the mailbox.  So users see "Sam <DAVE>".

Also, with EXMERGE, the mailbox list shows "Sam Smith <DAVE>".

How do I change the directory name "DAVE"?

If the outdated name did not show in Outlook, it might not matter much, but I will also be migrating mailboxes at some point and it would be real nice if the Users' names and mailbox names matched.
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joenswConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi ,
Modify CN in the Full Mailbox Directory Name    

Just use ADSIEdit to modify the legacyExchangeDN attribute of the user, to
specifying the new account name.

So if this attributes value is:
Change to

Then Right click on each of your RUS Items selecting "Update Now", and right
click Rebuild on your Offline Address Lists.

You will then need to visit the client to re-setup the Outlook Profile.

SteveIT ManagerCommented:
Check your active directory settings and user information to see where the old information is being held.

Dependent on how many users you have, one guaranteed fix would be to exmerge all mailboxes out to PST, delete and re-create all user accounts then map and re-import all users.

a1aaitAuthor Commented:
I see where the objects are from the Exchange manager:

However, if I use the "find" feature in ADUC, neither the OU or the CNs can be located, and they don't show anywhere in the tree.

Not having much luck with my searches on EE or Goog.

I want to change the MAILBOXNAME label for some mailboxes.
a1aaitAuthor Commented:
Solution provided the tool name and details I needed.  Thank you for being thorough!
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