What is the difference between snapmirror & snapvault in netapp

What is the difference between snapmirror & snapvault in netapp? Also what is the difference between them in terms of hardware & software?
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DavidConnect With a Mentor PresidentCommented:
Here is some info on snapmirror qtree - but if you have specific questions then best to go to the NetApp site and read documentation.  Specifications change slightly depending on model of hardware and software revision.  You asked for main differences, so i gave you some of the big things.  If you have NetApp hardware already, or are thinking about purchasing, then you need to factor in license costs and read manual on specific differences for hardware you are buying.

Big picture, snapvault is best for backup/archiving, snapmirror is best for fast replication.

Qtree level replication; SnapMirror, volume or Qtree level replication
Destination volume read only
Several versions of the source data can be kept at the destination
Source volume CAN be larger than destination

Make the destination volume read/write with one command (snapmirror break)
Destination volume is the exact mirror or source volume
The source and the destination volumes must be the same size
Replication over IP only

Both have their place, and both can be used at the same time.  Both have ways to throttle transfer.
These technologies all have different hardware requirements, ,but SnapVault is most flexible.

pranjal_sinhaAuthor Commented:
Thanks... how Qtree is defined? Does it means multiple path from source to destination? How it looks like from the architecture point of view? Source volume CAN be larger then destination & destination CANNOT?
pranjal_sinhaAuthor Commented:
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