Import debits and credits into multiple quickbook files with QBSdk 8.0 and

I get a download from the bank in excel, it will have 20 accounts in the download.  I need to read these transactions insert them into sql server 2005 and then for each account insert the records into each company.  I can do with J/E or cash (deposit / check).

I have looked at the QBSdk 8.0 all the documentation and have no idea how to do even a barebones insert please help i have spent 3 weeks and have nothing and my NEW boss is wondering

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jbhtghConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Maybe this: on the table you want the info on. There is a column called Req Ins which I believe denotes whether the field is required for an record insert.


You would have to pay for this one, but if the New boss is wondering, it may be worth it.

Do you have a stored procedure to insert with or are you using SQL Code, I would recommend a stored procedure.

Do you need to insert into SQL Server, or Quickbooks ? or they the same db
mikezx10Author Commented:
I can handle the SQL Server insert, i need help with selecting and inserting into quickbooks
mikezx10Author Commented:
the 1st link didnt work, I will read the 2nd one tonight, looks possible!
You can find services that will do custom programming o r do it as a one time job.
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