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I have Xenapp 5 Server. I have a strange problem with users not being able to copy something from their desktop to the Citrix application sometimes. This does not happen all the time but about once a day to each user (at all different times). Copying from the Citrix application to their desktop always works.
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KrAzYConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm going to assume Windows 2003.  If so, there's a decent amount of troubleshooting you can do, but from what I've found you may be out of luck.  In OS's prior to Windows 2008 and Windows Vista applications managed the clipboard instead of the OS I believe.  I don't remember all the details, but the clipboard is a chain (ex. Word, Excel, Powerpoint). Each application need to notify the next application of the latest copy and when a new application comes into the mix they need to pass it off.  Over simplified explanation, but what I've seen happen and what I've found from Citrix and MS is that an application can break the chain.  Once the chain is broken, copy from desktop to Terminal Server or Citrix for that matter can break.  MS never release a fix and I think Citrix has a clipboard repair tool, but from my testing it doesn't work that often and it is a manual process (running it on the client and then possibly running it on the user's session on the server).
Any other experts chime in, but that's been my experience.
Here's the detailed explanation of what happens and why it breaks straight from a MS employee blog.
Here's part two of the blog.
So you can see at the end they reference Vista or using a script.  Now that I read that, Citrix does have registry keys that you can set for applications to retry/refresh the clipboard, but I had no luck with this.
Here's Citrix's article: 
If this is 2003 x86 you may want to try installing hotfix rollup pack 5.
Also, when a user cannot copy and paste you can check that WFSHELL.EXE is running.
yak367Author Commented:
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