Web VPN - Rdp plugin and accessing internal website - ASA 5510

I am trying to use WebVpn to do the following:-

1. Remote Desktop - How do I get the printers my users have on their local machines mapped across so they can be used in the Remote Desktop. By connecting using th eCisco VPN Client it works, so there must be a way of getting it to work withthe RDP plugin.

2. Allow users to access the internal network website, hosted at

3. Allow users to use Outlook to open a Pop3 session to collect mail.

I think 1 and 2 are possbile using Web VPN - but cannot fathom out how to do it!

I think 3 is not possbile - but could someonw confirm how I should proceed!
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Pete LongConnect With a Mentor Technical ConsultantCommented:
Agreed - Also if everything works seemlessly - it's hit an miss (as best) if a USB printer will work at all with RDP
Hi Mawallace,

When users connect to via VPN, as long as no access-list is in place blocking them and there is no other policy blocking them, they should be able to access the web server with no problem.

The same applies to POP3 over VPN.

With the RDC plugin, it is very buggy and only seems to work in Internet Explorer, and then very rarely. You are talking about the clientless SSL web portal, right?

Also, can you post a config and maybe I can help?

MawallaceAuthor Commented:
Given your comments above perhaps I will think of another method! I was trying to simplofy RDP access for one of my users - if the app is buggy and hit and miss re printers then it is likly it will add to more calls - not less!
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