How to make a mandatory desktop for all Windows 2003 AD users

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I have a Windows 2003 Server and a number of client PC's running on Win XP Pro. I've created a wallpaper and made it default for all AD domain users. So, when domain users log onto the domain  they always see the same wallpaper and I also set a group policy which prevents users from changing the wallpaper. I would like place shortcuts on desktop and make them default for all AD users so that users cannot change or delete them.

I have a second question relating the standard wallpaper. Yesterday, I found that, when a user logs onto AD account, only a solid colored wallpaper was displayed instead of mandatory wallpaper. This happened only on two client PC's. I removed them from domain and joined to domain again just to test but nothing changed.

I know two questions in one post might be too much. I hope you would understand my concern. Since managing many client PC's and number of users is not easy and takes my time too much. Thank you for sharing your comments in advance.
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Mike ThomasConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
If you are setting a wallpaper you need to set a policy to enable active desktop, make sure all clients can see the share that the wallpaper is on and disable them changing the wallpaper. (2 of which it seems you have done so make sure the other 2 clients are getting the policy and can see/acces the share with the wallpaper on)

Follow this link for creating the desktop shorcuts,

I use example 1, the variables you are interested in are

oMyShortcut.IconLocation = "C:\myicon.ico"
OMyShortcut.TargetPath = "%windir%\notepad.exe"

The first is the icon file, this must exist on the client pc's if mapping localy, search your own pc for an appropriate icon (.ico) file

The second is that path for the shortcut itself

Both can be on network shares \\server\share\image.ico etc

Apply the shrotcut script to the logon part of the group policy.
I'm not sure you can have one desktop for each user since there are more things that come into play here.  If you're using a terminal server, possibly but I doubt you are.  As for the background, make sure the wallpaper is on their local PC.  You may not have any problems there.
Make a group policy to give your users a consistent environment
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