Can't delete a SharePoint field

I am editing fields in SharePoint and there is a field that is missing the delete button.  How do I get this deleted from my list?  
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GibzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can't delete the title field from a list, it's required. You can rename it if you'd like it to display as something else. Navigate to the List Settings and then scroll to the Columns section. You can click the Title link, rename it, and click OK. This will change the field to a different name.

You can also choose to hide the field as well. I believe this can only be done when the list is being controlled by a content type, but I may be wrong.
Some fields are requird to make the specific list type work.  What list type is it and what field are you trying to delete?
rossco1111Author Commented:
It's a custom list called issues and the field is issue title
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