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We are in the progress of setting up a new office. and we are planning to get a 45Mbps DS3 line (Verizon) into the premises. My challange is it to get all equipment needed to make the office work.  SO i am trying to figure out the network side of things. What network equipment should i get. Cisco ? or other stuff that basically will handle 10 users and can handle the 45Mbps speed of the DS3 line. (I guess thats a fiber line). What is a good firewall.  and so on.. whats a good router / switch all that nice stuff... any help would be apreaciated.  thanks
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What kind of connection have you bought? Is it a regular internet connection or some sort of IP VPN?

If it's a regular internet connection, I'm guessing (and feel free to confirm or correct) you need a device capable of tunneling (with for example IPSec) at relatively high speed, since you got your 45 mbit connection, to your main office.

If it's a "pre-tunneled" connection (like IP VPN/MPLS) or a point-to-point link between the main office and your new office, you just need a router to route at that speed.

I'm assuming your line is terminated with an ethernet connection, so you won't need a router with a special WAN interface.

If you confirm which is closer to your situation, I'll see if we can't find a couple of alternatives for you.
If you are going to be working with a 3rd party for support of consulting, you may want to go with the brand that they are most familiar with.   I use HP Procurve switches exclusively.  Compared to Cisco, they are less expensive, and have lifetime warranty and free software updates.  HP also has free design and configuration services.
Although your network is not large, I would still recommend a managed switch.
You will want to make sure that Verizon is giving you an Ethernet handoff and not fiber.
For firewall we use Sonicwall.   You can add content filtering, IDS, and other features as you need.   For a small office like yours Sonicwall makes some integrated units that combine Firewall, wireless, network switch and other features into a single unit.  Not sure on models but could do some research is that's the direction you want to go.

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Andreas-NYCAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much for your advice. So far i only know the speed is a 45Mbps DS3 line. Not sure how verizon will terminate that once we get the service installed. I was just told that is what they are planning to use.  Any advice on that. Lower or higher speed ?!
We are using the location for ocational Broadcast / Streaming to another location.
I am open on any brands you guys recommend. Cisco seems nice but seems complex to setup.  I am certainly interested in the HP solution. What exquipment should i ask for when i call them ?  I like the free design and config services idea. :)  I will ask for the Ethernet handoff.
SonicWall sounds good what unit should i look for? An all in one would be nice too if if still reliable.  VPN would be nice too.  
Is a DS3 45Mbps down and up symetric ? or is upload slower ?  How reliable is that kind of connection ?  
Thanks so far for your thoughts.
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I think 45 mbits sounds like overkill, but 1) I don't know what kind of traffic you'll have and 2) it's your money.

Will your remote office have it's own servers, for example, or will they have to get data from the main office over the WAN link?

I agree with the HP suggestion, but that's on the switch side. You can pay nearly twice as much for a Cisco switch and get a lot more functionality that you'll never use anyway.

As for firewall, you get a lot for your money with the Cisco ASA 5505. Personally, I'd steer clear of the SonicWall, but that's just my personal preference. Not saying it won't do the job.

The DS3 is symmetric, and it should be very reliable.
Andreas-NYCAuthor Commented:
Yes the remote office will be a stand alone unit. I wont have to tunnel back to the main office.
Hmm what can a Cisco do better then a Sonicwall ?  is the price a big diff ?
what other option are there then using a DS3 (Digital Subscriber T3 ???)  not sure what it means anyway ... should i get a DS2 if there is such a thing...  if needed can it easily be up or downgraded ?
When I hear that someone is putting in a DS3 for 10 users, I would make the assumption that there is a very specific situation or problem that you are trying to solve.  Your questions however, make it sound like you may be oversold.  It is possible that they you are purchasing a lower speed and the DS3 is for future speed boost if needed later.

I don't want to be condescending and please forgive me if I am wrong.  I think you need to work with a local organization that can help you get things setup and provide support later.
I will be increasing our internet connection to 5 mbps shortly to support 80 office users and VPN connections to 10 remote locations.  We have heavy use at times with a marketing department that sends 20 gig files at times.  45 mbps would be over kill for us.  I fear someone is taking advantage of you.

Again, please forgive me if I am off base on this.
Yeah, a DS3 would only be justified if you were transferring huge files to/from your main office regularly.

Massive overkill for regular internet access.

And, as Steveoskh says, check with a local organization and hear what they recommend. There's no 100% best answer to which device is best for you, and as long as you're dependent on a third party you want something they know well.
Andreas-NYCAuthor Commented:
thanks for your advice. Yeah there is a chance we are sold to high. ANd your thoughts are valid. That is why i ask and inform myself first before i judge the 45Mbps situation.
I was told they want to use VoIP 10 users ... but i cant image it would use much bandwith at all to justify 45Mbps.  So what other option of speed can i ask for. 20Mbps (DS2???)
Not even sure what DS3 stands for.
I am sure once someone points me in the right direction i am fine in taking care of things. I just need to pave away questions to understand the tech hurdles first.
Andreas-NYCAuthor Commented:
i am in charge of purchasing all equipment.  And that is why i ask all these questions to get the "right" stuff. And go the right direction. Knowing there are many options i need to learn what some of the routes are and then will pick one. So it is VERY HELPFUL to get your advice. Please dont hold back.  The only thrird party we will be using is for the Phone system. The rest is on me... (Pressure) :)

And your provider should be able to provide you any speed, from low-end to high-end, and from what I see you don't need very much for just 10 users and VoIP.
Istvan KalmarHead of IT Security Division Commented:

You need an ASA 5505 with Security license to handle DMZ
Andreas-NYCAuthor Commented:
thanks a lot. for your input. anything else i need ? can use the HP switches with that or do i have to go with Cisco if i choose a Cisco Firewall ?  Also need a good Wifi Router any ideas ?
Istvan KalmarHead of IT Security Division Commented:
Any Managable swith is good for you, ASA has 2 built in POE switchport where you conect the APs
Jakob DigranesSenior ConsultantCommented:
I'd consider looking into Fortigate firewall.
For your setup: 60B which gives you 60Mbps firewall throughput.
It also has SSL-VPN, IPSec VPN, Anti Virus (optional) and an easy and intuitive GUI for installing.
It supports VLANs and ha 2 x WAN, 1 DMZ and 4 LAN ports.
Personally, i'd choose Fortigate or Juniper above Cisco ASA anyday, I've had one ASA and it was a day of joy when i tossed it out. (but maybe I didn't use it right ... :-) )

Swithces: HP Procurve 2520 - if you need PoE, 2510 if not. http://www.procurve.com/products/switches/HP_ProCurve_2520_Switch_Series/overview.htm
you can do basic stuff on web interface
you can do 99,9% of all settings via Telnet and menu based setup
if you need som 0,1% advanced setting, you'd have to go through command line.

Cas KristCommented:
For VOIP you need to calculate about 100 Kbps per conversation.
Take another look at Sonicwall, when you want 45 Mbps and have gateway anti-virus, intrusion prevention, VPN, SSL-VPN, take a look at the NSA240. Sonicwall's interface is a gui and quite easy to handle. Take a look at the interface at http://livedemo.sonicwall.com/ 

You don't even have to buy a DMZ license.
I've never heard of getting a DS3 with only 10 users. Typical cost is $10,000/month or more for DS3
To terminat the DS3 you are going to have to buy a router. A very expensive router with a DS3 interface.
Cisco ASR1000 router with SPA-2XT3/E3 module (high end)
Cisco 2951 ISR router with NM-1T3/E3 module (low end)
There are not that many options when terminating T3's.
There are NO inexpensive options when terminating T3's.
The actual setup is a piece of cake.
You can elect to put firewall feature set right on the router and not have to buy anything else except any generic switch to service the 10 users.
The connection on the wall that Verizon will deliver is a twin coaxial connection. You'll need to run dual coax cables from there to wherever you mount the router.
If not too late, I would highly recommend getting some kind of Ethernet delivery. You should be able to get 100Mb Ethernet for under 1/10th the cost of the DS3. If you can get Ethernet, then all you would need is a simple firewall like the ASA 5505 or 5510 and a generic switch and off you go.
Andreas-NYCAuthor Commented:
Thanks you veru much for your thougts. I will check with verizon and see what options they have.  Maybe a 25/25 Mbps would do just fine or something will see what they offer.
What if we ever wanted to do a Vivix call. ( I think a Video uplink)  I think that is fiber stream to a news channel for example. will 25Mbps hold up to that. The 10 user may sometimes need to create an uplink to a Vivix bridge to provide that feed. Not sure if there is a minmum.
I will check out the router options.... This really helps. You guys have been so helpful. Is there a way i can assign everyone 500 points  for their work or will i have to split this.  you guys diserve it.  Thanks
Glad you are finding the information useful. The total 500 points can only be split amongst the useful postings.
Andreas-NYCAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the answeres. I wish i could give out more points. But not able to.
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