Microsoft Excel Office 2007 converter problems

I loaded Office 2007 and then had to uninstall it and I just loaded Office 2003.  I had some problems where I had to eliminate everything out of the Registry for Office 12 and then I also had to rebuild the MAPI files in order to get it working.  I seem to have resolved those issues, but the issue I have now is that when I load the Office Converter 2007 enabling me to view and work with files created in the 2007 version from the 2003 program upon converting I get the following message from Excel:

"Microsoft Office Excel is waiting for another application to complete an OLE action."
Then after I click OK I get: "The converter failed to open the file"

In Word I get:

"There was an error opening the file"
and on the bottom I get a message that states, "Wordconv.exe was closed.  To help protect your computer Data Execution Prevention has closed wordconv.exe."

I disabled the Data Execution Prevention and the Word and Excel files would not open still.  Please advise.  Thanks.
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scoobydoowhereruConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I reloaded the OS and after loading Office 2003 it works fine as the conflicts seemed to be resolved.
sfossupportConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You have some serious issues with missing registry. Since we don't want to do a complete rebuild I would go back to square one. Uninstall office 2003. Then do a full install of office 2007, reboot.  Then uninstall office 2007 and do a complete install of 2003, reboot. This way you should get your missing keys restored.
scoobydoowhereruAuthor Commented:
I backed up the Registry prior to deleting all of office 2007 registry entries.  I have imported that registry back and it still did not work.  I am now uninstalling Office 2003 and will reboot and then try to re-install.  Any thoughts?  
scoobydoowhereruAuthor Commented:
I reloaded the program and it is exactly the same.  I do not believe it to be a registry problem since I imported the registry just as it was before I deleted anything.  Please advise on if you have any other suggestions.  Thanks.
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