.NET events not firing & no viewstate/session on DotNetNuke module

We have a DotNetNuke custom module that is giving strange results when a user is not logged in.  The module and page are publicly-accessible, however the code only functions correctly when a user is logged in.  When the user is logged in, the access to the viewstate/session and event firing works with no problem.  However, when a public user who is not logged in tries to access the same page, the event firing does not function correctly and variables that are saved to the viewstate/session are not properly stored across page refreshes on postback.

I have attached the problematic Visual Basic code-behind file.  There are several events on the page and none fire correctly as well as two variables that are maintained across the session (using ViewState but I tried swapping this out for Session).

We do not know what could be causing the problem for public users nor why logged in users to the DotNetNuke platform experience correct behavior.

You can view the public behavior here:

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.
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dageyraConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:

The issue was that the module was set to enable caching (which is the default of any DotNetNuke module).  Once caching was disabled for the module, everything worked perfectly.  Thanks for your assistance.
make sure that your module is not using the logged in user info as it seems that its looking for the user session /cookie  to get some info and not finding it will not fire the event you are trying to fire .

i can't find the module code posted and i need it to help you more so please repost it .

cheers ,
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