internal dns setup


We are changing our Mail Server Anti Spam software "Mail Marshal" onto another server.  Mail Marshal manages the incoming and outgoing mail on 25 so we move the NAT IP address to the new server which is fine.

Once setup mail will send ok but will not receive, do i need to make changes to the internal MX records on DNS so the servers know where to route mail.  
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If you are referring to your mail servers by name, you must have the same name on your DNS or modify the name on the client.

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Erik BjersPrincipal Systems AdministratorCommented:
Did your external IP change for this system?  If so then you need to update those MX records.

first of all u have to check if your mail relay server is receiving the emails, then if yes u have internal mail problems which will be fixed by updating ur MX records
Everywhere you had configured the old IP, you would need to change it to the new IP, at least where SMTP is concerned, and yes, that would include DNS MX records, as others have already mentioned.


P.S.  elawad - we have no character limit here at EE (or at least I've never hit it, and I've been known to ramble;-).  Please use full words for the benefit of those for which English is not a first language.
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