output aspx page "as is" to pdf

Hello there. I’m looking for a component that helps me to create a pdf from a page containing image, gridview, html, text and it is styled with a linked stylesheet.

The page is rendered using database and code behind calculations and displayed to the customer.  I then have a “save as pdf” button on there.  What I don’t want to have to do is recreate step-by-step the entire page again – it’s already there in memory.  However, it’s an aspx page and not an html page, so I’m just curious if I can use a tool to just simply output the html generated by the aspx code direct to pdf?

I've seen many examples converting existing ".html" files from a url but I haven't found anything that converts what has just been rendered.

I tried using itextsharp, but it just generates an ugly plain page without formatting colours and styles.
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carledAuthor Commented:
Oh and importantly the page contains an ms chart component rendered to screen on the fly and that needs to be included on the pdf!
Why don't you use CutePDF to do that?
carledAuthor Commented:
Well, maybe I'm missing something, but that looks like a document converter?  I'm after something that runs on my web server (I'm developing the website) that allows the website user to "save this result page as a pdf" and it creates the pdf using the html code rendered by the aspx page...?

Am I missing something here?
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carledAuthor Commented:
at $600? No thanks!  I did it in the end using wkhtml2pdf (free) by redoing the page with inline styles and cut-down graphics and things. A real p.i.t.a. but it achieved the desired results without shelling out silly money.

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Oops. Sorry, I did not notice you are developing a website and you want your users to do that. I thought you want to do that :) Appologies.
Doug PoulinCTOCommented:
wkhtml2pdf can use external stylesheets.  You need to include the full url to the stylesheet (http://...) for it to be able to find it.
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