Reset OPPANEL on Pserver

Is there a way to reset op-panel ( Front LED ) display on server P with some command. I tried

diag -> log repair action

But this not reset. The present state is that the LED is blank
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what is the panel supposed to show?

Blank is the normal state, afaik.

You can manipulate the LED display with the command

/usr/lib/methods/showled ....  .....  

(2 parameters for a 2-line display)

0xFFF  means 'blank'.

Experiment with other values at wish. The second line is capable of displaying alpanumeric chars.

Example from rc.boot: /usr/lib/methods/showled  0x553 "PHASE 1 COMPLETE"

But, once more: "blank" is the normal state of the display!


sgangenamoniAuthor Commented:
Its a 2 line display, The top line has blank and the bottom line has 3 dots running from right to left. I figured out there is an error in error list

This happened after replacing the voltage regulator, Since its a hot swappable we didnot take the system down


Date/Time:       Fri Mar 26 19:27:19 EDT 2010
Sequence Number: 5599
Machine Id:      00C563FF4C00
Node Id:         csc06g223
Class:           H
Type:            INFO
Resource Name:   oppanel
Resource Class:  NONE
Resource Type:   NONE


User Causes

        Recommended Actions
The logger entry is not an error, but just the (only) consequence of "log repair action"

The running dots are kind of a "beacon" signal issued by the PCI Hot Plug Manager.
Normally these dots should disappear when the hot plug task is complete.
The usual flow is: Initiate Hot Plug Task -> Wait for message -> Perform repair -> Hit Enter.

I suppose you hit Enter too early, or something similar happened.

Anyway, if the replacement went OK and all actions are now complete, issue (as root)

/usr/lib/methods/showled 0xFFF 0xFFF

and all should be clean.



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sgangenamoniAuthor Commented:
Great it worked
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