Packaging RDP settings


Is there anyway you can make an RDP package and send to customers. I have end users that remote directly into their desktops through different port numbers, and would like to be able to give them a pre built package will all the settings to just take home.

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Assuming they have XP or above (not sure about 2000) you can make an RDP shortcut by opening RDP, and clicking "Options >>"

then fill out all their info (to connect to a certain port, use "", assuming that person connects on port 1234), and then click "save as"

they should be able to take that file, and click on it at home or wherever, as long as you have the appropriate firewall ports open.

no passwords are saved in .RDP files, but all the rest should be.
Actually, you can save passwords in the RDP file, but they are unreadable as they are encrypted......

There are some advanced settings you could also include in your Default.RDP, which you can also customize, and give them as well, which replaces the one in thier My Docs folder.....


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